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Fitch Downgrades Hundreds of Millions of Wachovia Commercial Mortgage Paper – Outlook; Negative / Ratings Watch; Negative

April 30, 2009

Ratings agency Fitch has downgraded Wachovia Commercial Mortgage Trust Series 2007 WHALE 8 and changed their outlook to (mostly) negative.


Fitch is quite worried about some big hospitality loans in the trust including a massive LXR Hospitality loan that is secured by more than 4700 rooms, many in economically troubled FL, CA and AZ. LXR is the biggest loan in the pool and, obviously a huge concern to Fitch. Last year occupancy at properties that secure the loan was less than 68% and it looks to drop further. Still, all things considered, the LXR loan has done OK so far…but it comes due May 9th. Will they exercise one of their extension options? Will they refi? Will they seek a modification? We shall soon see.


Details on the downgrades and outlook changes can be found at



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Equity Based Commercial Mortgage Loans Can Close Fast – Big Deals Closed in 14 Days (or less)

April 23, 2009
Even multi-million dollar commercial mortgage loans can be closed in 2 weeks or even less!

Our firm rolled out a new, super fast, equity based commercial mortgage platform that can provide investors with all the money they need in about 14 days.

Read about it here.

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Commercial Real Estate Investors Seeking Bargains

April 21, 2009

We, at MasterPlan Capital, are loyal subscribers to CPN (Commercial Property News).

This article caught our eye. It proclaims that, although CRE investors are still weary, many will be bargin hunting during the second half of this year.

We are hearing the same thing from our clients; they are still nervous but can’t stay on the sidelines forever.

People are worried about this market but are also becoming worried about missing out on some of the incredible deals that this downturn has produced.


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Commercial Real Estate “Not as Bad as it Seems” According to CEO of The Group Real Estate Inc. of Fort Collins CO

April 15, 2009

Lighten up for crying-out-loud. Chuck McNeal, chairman and CEO of The Group Real Estate Inc of Colorado, says this market is not as bad as it seems.


Thanks Chuck, I was beginning to worry, with delinquencies up and values down, tenants going out of business and all…


Read his remarks to the Ninth Annual Northern Colorado State of Real Estate gathering.

To be fair, Mr. McNeal was talking about Northern CO, not the world at-large.


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Trump is Buying Commercial Real Estate; So What?

April 15, 2009

Donald Trump announced today on CNBC that he was buying commercial real estate. So what? Big deal, trump is buying, is that news supposed to encourage me?


Is “The Donald” some kind of guru?


Trump has a very particular kind of genius; he can convince other people he’s a genius. From the time he was 25 years old Trump had an amazing and highly enviable ability to sell his deals to bankers and investors. Donald Trump can borrow money and attract large investors like no one else in the business.


But I wonder what his track record of success in paying back his loans and making high returns for his investors actually is.


Google the words “Trump & Default” to get an idea.


So now he’s buying commercial real estate. No doubt he’s using other people’s money once again. Should we follow his lead because of his impeccable judgment and timing?


This is the guy who was so brilliant and in tune with the markets that he started Trump Mortgage in 2005 just as the entire mortgage industry was about to implode (didn’t see that one coming did you Doanld?), hired a fraud and a scam artist to run it, and then presided over it’s bankruptcy in 2007. Lot’s of people lost lots of money on that deal, but not Trump, never Trump, he was paid up-front for the use of his trademark name and for the imputed credibility he brought to the project.  


In short, the fact that Trump is buying commercial real estate is a worthless bit of triva.



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Easy to Use Commercial Mortgage Loan Application – 1 Simple Page

April 15, 2009

It’s easy to apply for a commercial mortgage loan! Our commercial mortgage request form is only 1 page long and is simple to complete. We promise it will only take a moment to apply and you will receive prompt, professional service. Click our logo to submit your loan request now or visit to learn more.

Simple, 1 Page Commercial Mortgage Request Form

Simple, 1 Page Commercial Mortgage Request Form

S&P Set to Downgrade $100b in CMBS

April 7, 2009

Ratings agency S&P has vowed never to be caught with its pants down again.


Their utter ineptitude during the run-up to the credit crisis led them to give AAA ratings to bonds that were poised to wreck the global economy. Investors had a false sense of security inspired by the high ratings and kept pouring money into MBS. (Mortgage backed securities)


Today they demonstrated their willingness to take decisive action by taking an indecisive action. S&P placed $96b in CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities) on Ratings Watch; Negative.


Ya’ know, just to let you know that they’re watching the store.


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“Expedited” Commercial Mortgage; Can Close Loans in Just 14 Days

April 7, 2009

For Immediate Release:

MasterPlan Capital LLC announced today the launch of their “expedited” commercial mortgage loan program. Using this proprietary underwriting platform, MasterPlan is able to close large commercial mortgage loans in 2 weeks or less.

By using cash rich, private funding sources and a linier due-diligence process that the company refers to as “burst underwriting”, MasterPlan can analyze a deal and get it closed faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The new expedited commercial mortgage works best when property owners need to quickly refinance an income producing building, such-as-an apartment complex. However, it can be used to facilitate the purchase of a building and, almost all commercial property types can qualify. An expedited commercial mortgage loan is ideal for investors who need a bridge loan while waiting for their permanent financing to come through.

A typical, institutionally funded commercial mortgage can take 90-180 days to close. Now, when time is of the essence, property owners and investors have an alternative and can get, even large deals done in just two weeks.

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Jack Healy of the New York Times Sees “Muted” Signs of Life in the Credit Markets.

April 7, 2009


Read his piece in the Weekender here.


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Susan Smith of Price Waterhouse Coopers Talks Real Estate on PBS’s Nightly Business Report

April 3, 2009

In case you missed it, The Nightly Business Report had Susan Smith, Director of Real Estate at Price Waterhouse Coopers, on last night.


She provided some interesting insights into commercial real estate.


You can read the transcript at


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