– Institutionally Funded (Bank) Commercial Mortgage Loans

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MasterPlan Capital Logo

Institutionally funded, conventional loans offer the very best rates and terms for borrowers who qualify for them.

MasterPlan Capital enjoys a unique correspondent relationship with a Federal Savings Bank (FSB) and partners with several other direct funding sources. Our banking and financial relationships allow us to offer credit worthy property owners and investors a variety of conventional commercial mortgage loan options.

We are currently originating 3, 5, 7 & 10 year adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) that are amortized over 25 years. Each loan is priced individually due to property type and relative risk, but the rates are highly competitive and the terms are very manageable.

To qualify the borrower or sponsor must be experienced and successful in the commercial real estate industry and have a decent credit score. Sponsors must also be able to demonstrate sufficient liquidity and net-worth. The collateral property needs to be of good quality (not a-lot of deferred maintenance) and in a good location. Only stabilized “cash flowing” buildings can be considered for these loans. (No vacant or underperforming assets or land loans). Currently we are able to lend up-to 75% of a buildings value. (75% LTV)

The flexible loan terms and long amortization allows investors to keep their mortgage payments low and profits high. The minimum loan is $1MM and we can underwrite and close deals in about 45 days.

It’s easy to apply. Our simple, 1 page commercial mortgage application takes only a moment to complete and we will respond very quickly. Visit us on the web at www.masterplancapital.com to learn more.

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