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Is Trying to Find a Commercial Mortgage Driving You Crazy?

November 30, 2008

I was fascinated to learn that there is a Psychologist out-there who specializes in treating, helping and coaching owners and operators of apartment buildings. His name is Dr. Ron Beasley. More than 30 years ago Dr. Ron was hired by a large commercial real estate firm (huge into multi-family) to help one of the company’s executives with some anger management issues. He found the experience very rewarding and he recognized the fact that running a real estate operation can drive people nuts. For the last 3 decades he has dedicated his practice exclusively to providing psychological insight to apartment owners and other commercial real estate pros.

Doc Beasley’s firm is called Sage Concepts and he’s located in North Richmond Hills, Texas. I’m not recommending Dr. Beasley, mind you, (Do your own homework before chosing a doctor.) I’m just making note of his interesting choice of clients to focus on.

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