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CBO; Medium Term Debt Exceeds Expectations – Simple Chart Explains

July 15, 2010

COB Debt Projections - Easy to Understand Chart

Growth of Debt vs GDP

This chart is truly frightening. The data is from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and was compiled by the good folks at George Mason University.

Even if you look at the best-case-scenario (blue line – highly unrealistic) debt is growing much faster than the economy. This means that the best we can hope for (if current policies remain in place) is that our debt continues to climb from 60% of GDP to an astounding and debilitating 80% of GDP in only 15 short years.

We must stop spending. We must cut spending. We must address this problem or it will cripple our country.


Troubling Chart Shows Growth in Government Jobs over Private Sector Jobs – The Summer of Recovery Will Have to Wait ’till Fall

July 1, 2010

Public Sector Jobs Outpace Private Sector

Government Jobs are Clearly Growing Faster Than Private Sector Jobs

These numbers come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they show a disturbing trend. Public sector jobs are clearly growing much faster than private sector jobs. Not good news. Government jobs are not productive or efficient jobs. Government jobs do not lend themselves to innovation or economic growth. Government jobs are financed by taxing people with private sector jobs. What will we do when the private sector can’t afford to fund the public sector anymore?