– Private, Equity Based Commercial Mortgage Lending


Equity Based Commercial Mortgage Lending

The MasterPlan Capital equity based mortgage program is a highly flexible, innovative and dynamic lending platform designed for use by commercial real estate investors and property owners when time is truly of the essence.

Our “Equity Based” loans are privately funded and avoid the time consuming red tape associated with conventional loans. Loan decisions are based primarily on the amount of equity in the collateral property. An individual borrower’s credit is not nearly as important. Many people with problems on their credit report are surprised to learn that they can still get an equity based loan.

Time Sensitive Opportunities

In the world of commercial real estate time really is money, opportunities are often fleeting and in a lot of cases the deal goes to the investor who can get to the closing table first with cash in hand. A MasterPlan Capital equity based commercial mortgage can provide funds faster than you ever thought possible. (10-21 days)


Emergencies happen. There are times, in life and in business, when people find themselves with serious financial problems that only a quick infusion of cash can solve. Commercial property owners, developers and investors facing foreclosure or some other money crisis can find relief in a MasterPlan Capital equity based mortgage loan.

Loan amounts: $1,000,000.00 min / no maximum.
Loan-To-value: 50%-65%
Lien: 1st position preferred.
Property Types: All commercial property types eligible.
Lending Areas: Nationwide
Interest: Fixed and variable available.
Points: Points determined case by case.
Payments: Interest only.
Terms: 6-36 months. Prefer 12 months.
Time: Approvals 72 hours. Closings 10-21 days.

Call us toll free at 800-727-5140 or visit www.masterplancapital.com and apply online. Our simple, 1 page commercial mortgage application is easy to complete and you’ll get an answer the very next business day.

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