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Commercial Mortgage Loans; Barclays & Citi have large exposures

January 22, 2009

Financial Week is reporting that Citigroup and Barclays each have more than $20B in exposure to commercial mortgage related investments. Commercial mortgage paper is holding up well but weakening significantly as time goes by. The fear is that if commercial mortgages start to experience real problems it will trigger another leg down in the economy and the banking system.

It’s a race against time…will the economy recover fast enough to avoid large delinquency problems in the commercial mortgage sector? Will the credit markets improve in time to refinance the hundreds of billions of commercial mortgage loans coming due over the next few years? Stay tuned.

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Citigroup Says Commercial Real Estate is Weakening – Slowdown Not as Bad as ‘90s

November 25, 2008

A few days before they were bailed out by the Federal Government, Citigroup had some things to say about the state of the commercial real estate market. Read their comments here