Trump is Buying Commercial Real Estate; So What?

Donald Trump announced today on CNBC that he was buying commercial real estate. So what? Big deal, trump is buying, is that news supposed to encourage me?


Is “The Donald” some kind of guru?


Trump has a very particular kind of genius; he can convince other people he’s a genius. From the time he was 25 years old Trump had an amazing and highly enviable ability to sell his deals to bankers and investors. Donald Trump can borrow money and attract large investors like no one else in the business.


But I wonder what his track record of success in paying back his loans and making high returns for his investors actually is.


Google the words “Trump & Default” to get an idea.


So now he’s buying commercial real estate. No doubt he’s using other people’s money once again. Should we follow his lead because of his impeccable judgment and timing?


This is the guy who was so brilliant and in tune with the markets that he started Trump Mortgage in 2005 just as the entire mortgage industry was about to implode (didn’t see that one coming did you Doanld?), hired a fraud and a scam artist to run it, and then presided over it’s bankruptcy in 2007. Lot’s of people lost lots of money on that deal, but not Trump, never Trump, he was paid up-front for the use of his trademark name and for the imputed credibility he brought to the project.  


In short, the fact that Trump is buying commercial real estate is a worthless bit of triva.



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