Credit Tenant Lease (CTL) Financing Readily Available For Government Buildings

Looking for some positive news on commercial mortgage lending and commercial real estate investing? Generally speaking there is scant little to be found, but one particular sector of the industry is thriving and represents a tremendous opportunity for real estate investors and developers; government buildings. For good or for ill government is growing and growing fast. The current administration in Washington appears particularly amenable to the expansion of government. The economic downturn that has devastated private business has proven to be a boon for the public sector. Over the next decade government agencies such-as The Social Security Administration, The Department of Homeland Security, and The Department Immigration and Naturalization will all be expanding rapidly and with that expansion will come an incredible need for office space and administrative facilities. The Justice Department is in dire need of up-to-date, modern court houses and The US Postal Service has made a multi-billion dollar commitment to new, high-tech retail postal outlets as-well-as brand new regional distribution facilities. There is a boom going on in real estate, it’s the government facilities boom and it represents some excellent opportunities for savvy investors. – READ THE REST HERE –  Call the author, Glenn Fydenkevez, and ask about a CTL loan 800-727-5104 x# 101 Visit MasterPlan Capital on the web Contact MasterPlan Capital

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