“Expedited” Commercial Mortgage; Can Close Loans in Just 14 Days

For Immediate Release:

MasterPlan Capital LLC announced today the launch of their “expedited” commercial mortgage loan program. Using this proprietary underwriting platform, MasterPlan is able to close large commercial mortgage loans in 2 weeks or less.

By using cash rich, private funding sources and a linier due-diligence process that the company refers to as “burst underwriting”, MasterPlan can analyze a deal and get it closed faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The new expedited commercial mortgage works best when property owners need to quickly refinance an income producing building, such-as-an apartment complex. However, it can be used to facilitate the purchase of a building and, almost all commercial property types can qualify. An expedited commercial mortgage loan is ideal for investors who need a bridge loan while waiting for their permanent financing to come through.

A typical, institutionally funded commercial mortgage can take 90-180 days to close. Now, when time is of the essence, property owners and investors have an alternative and can get, even large deals done in just two weeks.

About MasterPlan Capital LLC:

MasterPlan Capital is a dynamic, privately held commercial real estate investment banking firm, active in commercial real estate finance and investment, nationwide.

MasterPlan offers private and institutionally funded commercial mortgage loans, equity financing and asset management services to commercial property owners and investors. Clients can apply for a commercial mortgage online, and will receive an answer the very next business day.


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