Landlords, Collect Every Penny You are Owed. Banks are Turning Down Loans if Buildings Don’t Cash-Flow

The Blog at the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) is recommending that landlords take control of their cash-flow by implementing an electronic collections system.

This is good advice for times like these when every penny needs to be collected and counted.

Banks and all lenders have raised their debt-service-coverage ratios (DSCR). When it comes time to refinance your building you will need to show all the cash-flow you can. Don’t be turned down for a loan because you let some tenants get away with missing rent payments.

Apartment owners take the advice of the AAOA; collect every dime that is due you.

MasterPlan Capital offers a unique small balance commercial mortgage loan for the purchase and refinance of stabilized multi-family (apartment) properties. Apartment owners and investors may apply online and will receive an answer the very next business day.

Loans From $1MM – $5MM

5 Year Fixed @ 6.5%*

Amortized Over 25 Years

Loan-to-Value (LTV) to 75%

DSCR: 1.25

Minimum Credit Score: 640+


*Approximant rate based on the current 3 year US Treasury Bond yield + a margin of 3%-4%. Subject to change with market and other factors

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